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Welcome to the Biodiversity Assessment Monitoring Lab!

Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology

Texas A&M University

Our lab interests include conservation biology, tropical ecology, the IUCN Global Assessments, conservation planning, and the assessment and monitoring of patterns and trends in biodiversity. Under this broad umbrella, the interests of past and current students is diverse. The Lab PI, Dr. Thomas Lacher, Jr.,  and both undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in the Applied Biodiversity Sciences graduate program. We have conducted research focused on mammals, birds, amphibians, and people, with an underlying emphasis on conservation, in all of its diversity and complexity.

Note: The laboratory PI is retired and no longer accepting graduate students.

Statement on Racial and Social Justice

The Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring Lab stands with the #BlackLivesMatter movement to condemn systemic racism and inequity created by the white power structure and colonial systems of oppression. We are committed to acting towards structural changes in order to create more equitable societies and more sustainable ecosystems and strive to support gender, racial, and ethnic diversity in STEM and in society at large. We firmly believe that we cannot have environmental justice without racial and social justice. We acknowledge that research in international conservation science requires the incorporation of diverse cultural, social, and political perspectives in order to be successful, and all voices must be heard.