Graduate Students

Allison CollinsAllison Collins

M.S. Student, Distance Education                                                   B.S. 2014, Texas A&M University, Psychology


I am broadly interested in endangered species ecology, animal behavior, and conservation biology. In particular, I would like to learn about restoration planning to conserve endangered species and inhibit habitat loss.

djDavid Gerrity

M.S. Student                                                                                                    B.S. Texas A&M University, Wildlife and Fisheries  Sciences


I received my undergraduate degree from Texas A&M in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. I am currently working on a non-thesis masters focusing on bats as vectors for disease. Additionally, I am working as a full time veterinary technician at the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic. I hope to use my experience as a veterinary technician and my masters degree to get into vet school, where I hope to specialize in exotic animal medicine.

jessJessica Gilbert

Ph.D. Student
B.S. 2008, University of Rhode Island, Biological Sciences


I am interested in assessing the effectiveness of protected areas systems in achieving conservation objectives. My current research focuses on the interactions between human activity and biodiversity conservation in a high altitude biosphere reserve. I am particularly interested in understanding how traditional livestock grazing systems affect the distribution of medium and large mammals in the tropical Andes.  I am a trainee in the NSF-IGERT Applied Biodiversity Sciences Program and a Texas A&M Merit Fellow.


Jaileen Riviera

M.S. Student
B.A. 2016, Universidad de Puerto Rico -Humacao


I am a first graduate student pursuing a Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Master degree. I hold a BS. degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Puerto Rico – Humacao. I am primarily interested in tropical ecology, conservation biology, and endangered species ecology.

Nicolette (Nikki) Roach

PhD student

B.S. 2010, University of California – Davis, Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Biology                                  

M.S. 2015, Clemson University, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

Email:, Website:

I aim to address urgent conservation issues as they relate to biodiversity and conservation planning.  I obtained my MS from Clemson University in May 2015, where I studied the effects of sea level rise on marsh bird vulnerability. My primary research interests focus on the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances (climate change, land-use change) on wildlife communities, landscape ecology, and human-wildlife interactions. I also have a strong interest in science policy and communications and videography. I am always looking to collaborate via research, communications, or film. Feel free to contact me or follow me on twitter @niksroach!

intreemonteverdeJordan Rogan

Ph.D. Student
B.A. 2014, Wheaton College (Mass.), Environmental Science


My research is focused on the use of biodiversity thresholds and species-specific functional traits to determine the resilience of mid-large mammals to land cover change in fragmented landscapes. My study site is in the tropical montane forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica. I am broadly interested in conservation biology, community-based conservation planning, human-wildlife dimensions, social-ecological systems and landscape ecology.

Shelby Vega McKay

M.S. Student

B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University