Principal Investigator

 Dr. Thomas E. Lacher, Jr., Professor


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
201 Old State Chem Building
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2258
(979) 845-5750 (Office)
(979) 255-6131 (Cell)
(979) 845-3786 (Fax)

My current research is focused on the assessment of conservation status in mammals and the analysis and monitoring of large-scale patterns and trends in biodiversity, primarily in the tropics. I was founding director of the Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring Network, based at Conservation International and currently under the direction of Drs. Sandy Andelman and Jorge Ahumada. This project is implementing standardized protocols for the monitoring of a variety of vegetation, climate and vertebrate indicators at field stations in the tropics. I am also involved in the Global Mammal Assessment, done in collaboration with the IUCN Species Survival Commission, which has evaluated the conservation status of all species of mammals in the world. Texas A&M University is also one of ten members of the Red List Partnership and I sit on the IUCN Red List Committee. I am interested and involved in policy decisions related to the Red List. I am also Co-Chair of the IUCN Small Mammal Specialist Group. Recent graduate student research includes spatial and temporal patterns of space and resource use of macaws in Peru, cultural values and conservation in the Iwokrama Forest region of Guyana, forest patch dynamics and sloth biology in Costa Rica, payment for ecosystem service policies and corridor conservation in Costa Rica, olfaction and patterns of frugivory in bats, and assessment of corridor-level conservation of an agave-bat pollinator system in northern Mexico.