Current and future research in the lab will focus on three broad themes, all related to improving biodiversity data collection and analysis and the application to conservation action.

Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment:

Current projects in the Lacher lab include: assessing the conservation status of New World small mammals, mammalian biodiversity assessments at high elevation habitats in Peru, amphibian and small mammal threatened species monitoring in Colombia, threatened bat ecology and conservation projects in Texas and Mexico, and mammalian biological corridor use in Costa Rica.

Endangered Species Research:

Our research team studies threatened species in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica, with an emphasis on mammals.

IUCN Red List and Global Assessment Activities:

Thomas Lacher and Nikki Roach are leading Red Listing efforts from TAMU for the Small Mammal Specialist Group, with the help from 14 undergraduates, 50+ global collaborators, and the SMSG team at Durrell Wildlife and at University of Sapienza. Contact Nikki ( to find out how you can get involved.