Rebecca LangleyCR 2013 073

Email: becca.langley@tamu.edu 

I am a Bio-environmental Sciences/Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences double major, and I will graduate in 2016. I’m interested in habitat preference of prey species, and how conservation biology intersects with the environmental movement as a whole.

alyAlyson Miranda

Email: alymiranda95@tamu.edu

I am a bioenvironmental sciences major and business minor, and I plan to graduate in May 2017. Dr. Lacher is my research mentor through the Conservation Scholars Program here at A&M. My research in this program involves regional species extinction risk assessments for the IUCN Global Marine Species Assessment. This fall I will be a TAMU PPIP intern in Washington, D.C., but after I graduate, I would like to be involved with sustainable food sourcing, international development, and ecosystem conservation.

Holly Jo Pierro

Email: hollypierro@email.tamu.edu

I am a zoology major graduating in December 2015. After graduation, I am hoping to go to graduate school and to eventually have a career in wildlife conservation. I am assisting with the Small Mammal Specialist Group as part of the Global Mammal Assessment of the IUCN.

Lensey Smotherman

Email: lensey.ms@sbcglobal.net 

I am a senior at Texas A&M University perusing a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries, Ecology & Conservation with a minor in Psychology.  I’m currently the Vice President of the TAMU Zoological Society and I am interested in the possibility of going to graduate school when a graduate in 2016. I’m interested in one day pursuing a career of wildlife conservation of endangered species.

Lilianna Wolf

Email: lilianna4@tamu.edu 

I am a undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Lacher’s lab, where I participate in research focused on evaluating mammalian traffic in Costa Rican corridors. I received a research grant and research scholar award through Texas A&M University to conduct field work assessing mammalian population densities in Costa Rica. My research interests are wildlife ecology conservation and cetacean studies.  I plan on graduating in December, 2015 and hope to go on to graduate school to pursue a career in marine mammal research and conservation.